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Article: Shamooo Sana

Shamooo Sana

Shamooo Sana is the new fashion prodigy of Lin Laishram, who, since a young age, has been fascinated by the fashion world and its allure. Lin, who is a model-turned-actor, is a fashion enthusiast. Her impressive creative aptitude and her strong belief in it are one of the major determinants in bringing the brand alive. She looks upon the works of well-renowned jewellery enthusiasts like Mikimoto Kokichi and Harry Winston and aspires to have her works recognized with the same prestige. 

The brand, based in Mumbai, finds the unique and dormant beauty of basically anything and everything and integrates it into modern fashion as pure art. The brand and its designers, or as we at Shamooo like to call them, the contemporary artists, believe that everything in existence is Art, and anything that is Art is beautiful. Our artists manage to recreate the most mind-blowing jewellery from something that may be very simple yet beautiful. 

From small pebbles to large plateaus, rivers to the ocean, a leaf to a dense forest, people from one end of the Earth to the other, or anything that tells a story is an inspiration at Shamooo Sana. Our artists at Shamooo Sana aim to re-tell these stories as master storytellers in the form of wearable art and contemporary jewelry pieces. 

Shamooo Sana also takes inspiration and provides back to Mother nature. Our nature-loving brand only produces eco-friendly products. Each piece of art is crafted with love and care, keeping the environment and its sustainability in mind. 

Shamooo Sana emphasizes minimalism while keeping the elegance and demure of the designs. We don’t want to create wearables but wearable art.

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